Heavy Equipment Rental

Equipments supply and rental throughout Indonesia


Range of equipment are excavator, bulldozer, wheel loader, vibro roller, hydraulic drill, sheep foot, motor grader, dump truck, water truck, rigid pavement equipment, trailer and light vehicle and many others.


Reasonable and competitive rental pricing rate

Earthwork, Land Clearing and Road Construction

Our scope of services consist of land clearing, levelling and filling.These earthworks or land preparation work is for road construction, housing land development.Also infrastructure for industrial area, power plant, seaport, airport and pond. Structural excavation and providing borrow material from outside area of work is also parts of work services.We also has experiences in rock excavation and working in swampy area.


We can also carry out common civil work such as drainage, retaining wall, canal, fence and concrete paving work.


PT BSDA can carry out engineering work for earth work, consisting of engineering design, calculation of borrow material, calculation of cost for the earthwork, advice on land development and soil treatment.

at Glance

PT BSDA,established in July 15,1991,is a construction company majoring in earth work. Empowered by more than 200 competent and professional staff and field operator, and with more than 450 unit heavy equipments and dump trucks fully owned by the company,PT BSDA has proven overtime of its competency and ability to carry out earth work project. PT BSDA has successfully completed all project trusted by our client with the best quality and on schedule. PT BSDA also has experience in the infrastructure work for industrial plants, power plants, factories and housing complex.

For the years ahead, Indonesia will be be more developed, wherein infrastructure development, consisting of toll road development, building power plants, airports, harbours, dams will be more intense, also development and broadening industrial business, whether base industries, medium or high technology industries. It is PT BSDA intention to continue to participate in the excecution of these works. We strive to level up our professionalism in carrying out the contract that we got, in the technical and management field to deliver every project with the best quality, on schedule, safe and satisfy our client. PT BSDA also continue to upgrade its heavy equipments and dump trucks fleet and other supporting means, by recondition and purchase of new equipments.

PT BSDA professionalism and good business conduct has been presented in many projects. We believe those are included in valuable, basic principles which is important in doing business.




Head Office 

Ruko Premier Park 2, B11, B15 & B16

Cikokol, Tangerang



To apply for a job with PT.BSDA, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to:


For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: 6221 552 9988


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